Architectural services in Auckland

Malcolm Architectural Design Ltd brings individual design and flair to all types of architectural designs in Auckland. We are a family based organisation with expertise in weathertightness and remedial design. Malcolm Architectural Design Ltd can also help you with high quality architectural plans and documentation for your new home or alteration. We have a lot of experience in recladding and will not just reclad your home, we will also design out the design features that created the problems in the first place and provide your home with new look, adding value for money to your building project.

Your home reflects who you are. We understand how important your home is, and we have the expertise to ensure that your dream home can be made a reality. We pride ourselves in giving your home that unique, individual feel. There is nothing worse than feeling like a stranger in your own home. With our expertise in weathertight design we offer top of the range drafting and design services in order to make your home one you can be proud of, with the best choice of materials and design considerations that ensure that your new or existing home is trouble free for years.

Your home is your castle

We take your ideas and make them into a workable project. We encourage you to be a part of the creative process, rather than just trying to get our ideas out there. Our job is providing our technical and artistic expertise in order to make your perfect home. As part of our architectural services in Auckland, we provide a range of optional services:

  • expert architectural design to suit your tastes
  • years of experience in design and building
  • reclad expertise and knowledge
  • design and/or build
  • commitment to the project from start to finish
  • project management
  • quality assurance programmes
  • Master Build Guarantee

Contact information

Malcolm Architectural Design Ltd 
58 Jackson Way 
Auckland 0993

09 427 9005


Top industry experts

Malcolm Architectural Design Ltd is a small team of licenced and qualified professional architectural designers at the cutting edge of the leaky home design industry. We are professional members of ADNZ and have years of experience in house design and remedial work. We take a proactive and hands-on approach to design, and constantly invest in mastering new technologies and techniques in order to provide the most impressive architectural services, which our clients have come to expect from us. We have numerous new builds and alterations that have withstood the test of time, and apply the principles learnt by the leaky home crisis to all of our new build designs. If you’re one of thousands of New Zealanders who live in or own a leaky building, you need to do something about it as soon as you can. Malcolm Architectural Design Ltd can help you with high quality architectural plans and documentation for leaky building repairs and guide you through the process from start to finish.

As an option we can also offer a small in house team of licenced and qualified builders and provide you with a Registered Master Build Guarantee for all new build projects and reclads. You can rest assured that when you use our Building team the main contractor is one of the qualified builders on the tools, and is the person building your home. As we do not outsource our work and have a small team of builders and designers, we can provide you with a quality assurance programme and take the hassle out of achieving your code of compliance required by the Building Act. We've established ourselves within the weather-tight market and forged strong relationships with the leading building surveying consultancies and local authorities, and we go to great lengths to make sure our people are compassionate and considerate of the circumstances of homeowners who need to work through the rebuild and reclad process.

When you give us a project, you can rest assured that it is in the hands of a small group of people that you can trust. Like you, we understand how important a home can be. More than just a place to live, a home is an expression of identity and uniqueness; a work of art, but also has to be built to last. Get in touch and find the home of your dreams.
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